At a Glance

We have provided a loving home for more than 1,450 young women and babies since 1987.

Annually we provide around 6,000 bed nights to young moms and their babies.

Our program is for pregnant, young women 21-years old or younger.

We are licensed by the State of Missouri as a Maternity Home.

We serve more than 15,000 meals and snacks annually.

Girls choose to live at Mother’s Refuge at their own will.

Our babies use more than 12,000 diapers per year.

We are governed by a board of directors, made up of community leaders.

Most of our residents come from the Greater Kansas City area and surrounding counties.

Our funding comes from contributions from individuals, businesses, foundations, civic clubs, churches and various grants.

Mother’s Refuge has seven bedrooms and can accommodate a total of 14 moms and babies at a time.

Our home is alcohol and drug-free facility.

Additional Facts


Are donations tax deducible?

As a 501( c) 3 organization, both your monetary and in-kind donations made to Mother’s Refuge are  tax deductible.   Monetary donations of $100 or more may qualify for an additional 50% Missouri Tax Credit. (Contact our office staff for more information)

What kind of Education do resident's receive ?

Residents must continue their education while in our program. They attend either high school, GED classes,  community college or technical  schools. Our Five Step Pillar program is designed to teach young moms the necessary practical life skills  to live a life of independence. Class topics include in  self-improvement, parenting, money management, health / nutrition, and community awareness. (Learn More)

Do the girls get to have any fun?

Yes, most certainly. We try our best to provide a fun atmosphere for our young ladies. Learning to enjoy life to the fullest is a value that is taught, whether it is a group of girls making homemade cookies on a Friday night or walking through a park on a Sunday afternoon. Some of the activities girls might experience while at our home include:

  1. Starlight Theatre
  2. City Market
  3. KC Royals baseball
  4. Shopping malls
  5. Women’s conferences
  6. Pizza parties
  7. Baby showers
  8. Celebrations for birthdays, graduations, and Holidays
  9. Picnics
  10. Kansas City Zoo
  11. Swimming
  12. Movies
  13. Plus more. . .

How do I become a volunteer?

What kind of items do we need donated?

Our needs change from day to day…

Do girls ever cause you a hard time or get into trouble while staying there?

Yes. Our residents are all 21-years old or younger, and just like any teen or young lady they can be moody and troublesome. However, our goal is to help mold their young lives into responsible young women. Just as at most homes with proper parents, we may  discipline a young lady by removing privileges. 

Why do you accept only young women 21-years old or younger?


How much do you help the girls with their babies? Should they be taking the bulk of the responsibility?

Absolutely. Our philosophy is to help young moms be as self-sufficient as possible.  Each girl is responsible for the care of her own baby. Although we are here to teach and assist them, we feel  they must take responsibility for their own lives.  Soon, they will be on their own.  The more we are able to help them learn responsibility the more likely they will learn self-reliance and be successful.

What can I do to help promote Mother's Refuge and raise funds for your program?